About Us

Petals Pre-school is
an institute with unique concepts of
fundamental education.

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Petals Pre School values a learning environment that
is a safe, caring, non-threatening,
challenging, and stimulating.

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"Our curriculum is based on extensive
research and inspired by Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences.

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Montessori Lab – e.g.caricature - Puzzle,
Audio-Visual Room for Yoga,
Aum Chanting & Dance, Computer Room...

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Our Gallery

On every occasion or events, we capture academic moments of our children for their parents to savour.

On every occasion or events, we capture academic moments of our children for their parents to savour.

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Petals Pre School


Petals Pre School
Petals Pre School

Go Green

Petals Pre School
Petals Pre School

Jungle Safari

Petals Pre School
Petals Pre School

Chef At Work

Petals Pre School
Petals Pre School

Milk Day Activity

Petals Pre School
Petals Pre School

Penguin Awareness Day

Petals Pre School
Petals Pre School


Petals Pre School
Petals Pre School

Sr. KG. Karate

Petals Pre School


We love what we do and it's our passion!

Petals Pre School is an institute with unique concepts of fundamental education.
Petals Pre School feels
socially responsible to grow children physically, socially, spiritually & intellectually. Hence,
we are focused at developing the roots of fresh untouched brains through our batches,
Playgroup, Nursery, Day Care, Jr KG, Sr KG & 1st std.






Petals Kids came into existence in May 2009 at Balewadi and is the brainchild of Archana Khosla. Our focus and clear VISION is to lay a solid foundation for learning to enable each child to achieve academic & emotional stability to become multi-dimensional thinkers and leaders of tomorrow through traditional values of Love, Empathy, Discipline & Respect.

Positive Parenting

A sense of well being is one of the key foundations of positive psychology and positive parenting. By having better control of our bodies, decisions, and emotions, we are capable of more success and happiness throughout life. Having a sense of well being promotes self-regulation, a key approach to successfully maintaining health, stopping bad habits, ending addictions, and improving behavior.

Our Testimonials

Brijesh Kumar F/o – Tanaya (Srkg)

PETALS provides excellent platform to strike right balance between play and learn. This makes learning lot of fun. Their events like SCIENCE EXPO makes the child confident in public speaking. Above all the warmth provided in the school by the staff makes the child feel happy & confident.

Radhika M/O – Tia ( Jrkg)

I shifted from Delhi & was looking for good playschools in BanerBalewadi. I found Petals School as a perfect option cos of perfect combination of study & co-curricular activities. Now my child is really enjoying all activities conducted in the school. I really appreciate the efforts put up by administrative staff, teachers & helper staff.

Sandeep Chourasia F/O – Anuusha Chourasia – Srkg

We, the parents of Anuusha, want to thank each faculty and support staff of Petals Kids for putting in the tremendous and excellent effort each day of the academic year. Your efforts and close attention to each child have helped create a solid base for their next steps in primary classes.

Wish Team Petals a great future ahead.

Smita kadam M/O – REVA TATE - Srkg

Thanks to the entire team Petals.

Reva is always happy to share things of school with friends and family.

She likes to share pics,of the events and activities that is conducted in school and day care.

Through her 4 years of journey in Petals School and Day Care has helped her blossom and made her a confident girl.

Congrats to whole team for all sincere efforts!! Keep it UP!!

Hemalatha M/O Vidhmayi – Day Care 2016

So nice to see my darlings photos and also we are very happy that she got adjusted very fast and now enjoying time at Petals with all your support and care.

Thank you so much for your patience, efforts & care you are putting on our kids.

Lastly appreciate Teachers& Coordinators and maushis for listening to our words and following them so very well.

God bless and wish Petals to grow Upward and Forward.

Shalini Gupta M/O – Shrey Gupta (Day Care)

I am glad to receive Shrey'spics at such good frequency. Directly tells about how he enjoys at Petals Day Care

Amala M/O Kriya (Day Care)

Firstly let me start by saying a thank you for all the fun and learning that the school has provided. We have seen quite some positive changes in my daughter during the short 2+ months that we have been associated with the school. We specially loved the photos and videos shared with us. It made us want to participate in these sessions.

Tarun Chaudhary F/O – Pranav (Play Group)

Skilful & affectionate staff. lots of co-curricular activities. My kid enjoys his school & post that enjoys being in the day care. Good job Petals team.

Sukant Sahu F/O – Tanay (Nursery)

First of all I thank all the staff members of Petals for their love and care they give to our little ones. My son is shy by nature but with the help of Petals Staff he has now become more confident and enjoys his school time. He loves to sing poems the way his teachers do. He loves coloring, counting and above all is his most favorite "Art and Craft Activities". The art and craft ideas are good and innovative. Once again thanks to all the teachers and maushis for their efforts.

Trupti Khanna M/O – Gyan (Play Group)

Teachers at Petals are very patient and affectionate. They put in lot of efforts to help my child settle in the new environment. Thank you Petals Teachers & maushis.

Aniruddh Khanna F/O – Arnav

I have been searching for some good daycare and nursery for my Kid. I talked to some of my colleagues and they gave me few suggestions. Petals was one of them. Having convenient location (my wife`s office is in Hinjewadi and mine in Baner) this scored high on our list. We visited the centre and were quite impressed with the facilities and staff over there. Admitted Arnav there and started seeing the result just after few months. Arnav is growing and learning the way we wanted to be. What else can a parent ask for.

Thanks Petals!!

Aishwarya Ray M/O – Tina (Nursery)

Its a very good school. It has adopted many innovative strategies and methods to teach these young minds and help them adjust in their further schooling.

Rucha Deodhar M/O - Tanmay

My child stood in front of the PODIUM & spoke on MIKE while giving a presentation. I was stunned as he was always a very shy child.

Projects, Presentations & Science Fairs are a routine at Petals. During these, the children are given the opportunity to give presentations in front of the parents. This has made my child confident, removed his fear of talking in front of strangers. kudos to team petals!

Parag Gadge F/O - Rohan (Play Group)

Very welcoming n affectionate staff. They treat my son like their own...my child feels at home out there n looks forward to go to school everyday.