Day Care Activities Pics 2015-16

Christmas craft Craft Activity Dance is Fun Dandiya Dance Day care Petalites DC Play time Diwali Diyas Fireless cooking hurdle race Dussehra Jungle Play karate Lets colour Lets go shopping Matching Shapes Podium Practice Puzzle Play Sail the Boat sand Play Santaclaus Stringing Beads Exercise Trampoline Team Petals

School Activities Pics 2015-16

Animal Safari Animals visit Petals Appreciation card Appreciation Certificate Appreciation Certificates - Proud of you Bubble Blowing Budding little Teachers Cake Bake by Mothers Christmas Craft Clean India-Throw trash in bin Collage - Heathy & Junk Food Dentist visit Dussehra Farm visit Field trip to xerox shop Fine Motor Skill Game Fruit Car Ganapati Bappa Mourya Happy Diwali Holy Books Independence Day Jungle Fun Jungle Safari Lets go veggie shopping Magic show Pasta shapes PETALS - School Activities Pics 2015-16Pulse polio drops Podium Practice Project Presentation Race Scribbling Time - Play Group Kids Show & Tell activity skating Thank you note Thankyou note Yummy Christmas cake by Mothers