Junior Kg School / Senior Kg School

JrKG 4 to 5 years
Srkg 5 TO 6 years

Timings – 9:00am to 12 noon

Kindergarten Mission Statement

Gardners Multiple Intelligences

8 Different Ways in which

Teaching and learning connects

Words - verbal/linguistic – Liteacry - We have language
Linguistic - deals with writing and with words
Numbers, or logic – mathematical - Numeracy
Pictures - visual/spatial- involves seeing, drawing, and art
Music - musical/rhythmic – songs, rhymes, aliteration
Self-reflection - intrapersonal – I, me, myself
A physical experience - bodily-kinesthetic-motor skill games
A social experience – interpersonal skills – developing friendships
An experience in the natural world - Field Trips, Science experiments

Literacy : Phonics

Phonics : is method of learning to "Read" as it help Kids to understand the sound of a particular letter.
Also thru understanding of phonics, kids can make spellings very easily & later on it helps in sentence building.

"Language" development accelerates rapidly in the kindergarten school.

Language building is achieved thru knowledge of "Literacy". Few important topics under Literacy are :

"Numeracy" is an an important subject in Sr. Kg.


Hindi is our national language

E.V.S includes general information about our Surrounding.

This subject covers up topics like-

  • Parts of body
  • Parts of plant
  • Days of the week
  • Monts of the year
  • Names of fruits / vegetable
  • Names of animals
  • Names of colours
  • Community Helpers do corrections

This inculcates the sensitivity wrt environment & helps one to become a good citizen.

Personal, Social & Emotional Learning

Developing Friendships

Development of social skills and language.

Play Time - Play is vital for early learning.

It is not "recess" or a "timeout" from learning, rather it IS the way young children learn.

•Three different kinds of play are delineated:

 Develops problem solving skills.

Knowledge & Understanding of the world around us

In the Neighbourhood – My surroundings – Field Trips

Lets know why - Science Fun – Little Einsteins

Podium Practice – Public Speaking Skills

Expressionism - Drama

Presentation Time – Incredible India, My Beautiful Country

Calm Minds – Petalites doing Breathing Exercises

Magician comes to Petals

Yoga and Shloka

Visual Arts (Arty & Crafty)

Skating Sessions

Dance is the best & fun-filled exercice

Lets learn to bake a cake

Weekly Academic & Co-curricular Report

Evaluation Day & Report

Newspaper shows what we learn


Teachers at the Petals nursery say that it's important to
establish a good relationship with their little student's as it's an
important factor in managing their behavior in the classroom.